Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

For any of you who have a cranky 10 month old, I am about to share a secret with you.

When playing on the floor with even her favoritest of favorite toys has grown old, and bouncing in her exersaucer has lost is charm, and she looks at you with frustration instead of ecstatic anticipation as you throw her into the air over and over and over again. When her squawks turn to screeches which border on screams of perpetual irritation, there *is* one last option.

Now, don't let its title fool you. Trust me on this.

It's catchy. It's Polish. And it helps Stella chill.the.heck.out [and she is ri--ley]. I mean, really. What more could a mom ask? It has taken me 10 months of Layla's life to locate this treasure. All of the legwork has been done. I now fast-pass you to just about 3 minutes of unadulterated contentment. And the best part? The fun never has to end when there's a "Replay" button.


  1. O M G Jen! BElla, Lylah and I LOOOOVE this- we keep singing ALI BABA.. ALL DAY. I'm sure by next week I might hate you for this, but now i'm loving it :-)
    Just to let you know i'm completely behind in the world of the internet and yes you are the FIRST blog I have ever followed, CONGRATS you are special to me!

  2. Oh yea By the way RawWay is me... Bethany :-) I didn't realize that my name would come up as my email :-) I got put in FF prison bc Lexi asked me about selling bars to her- so I can't really answer the post on Oct, but if you have any ?'s you can e mail me- RawWayLife@gmail.