Sunday, August 23, 2009

Maxima enim...patientia virtus. Patience is the greatest Virtue.

William Langland!!! You and your poem!

My mother's words still ring in my head (and, admittedly, find their sneaky way out of my mouth): "Patience is a Virtue." "Jennifer...Patience is a virtue." "Patience is a a virtue...a virtue...virtue..." [yes...that is a literary echo. In my mother's voice.]

Well what if I'm feeling slightly less than...virtuesque? What if I'm fairly certain if I went for a walk I'd stumble upon Sri Lanka prior to locating my patience?

I suppose that's why the phrase exists, a much-needed reminder one should hold in the back of their mind, for retrieval when necessary. As it is something which isn't completely natural, something that doesn't come easy, something one can only aspire towards attaining.

So today I aspire.

God grant me patience.

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  1. I love that I can hear your mom's voice saying it! can I be one of the echoes too? Love you!!